22nd September 2022

Chrissie Wellington OBE - Nutrition insights and lessons from a four-time Ironman World Champion.

By Dr Scott Robinson, PhD MSc SENr

Chrissie Wellington, OBE is a former British professional triathlete and a four-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion. She held all three world and championship records relating to Ironman races and remains the world record holder for the Ironman distance (8 hrs, 18 mins).

She is the first British athlete to hold the Ironman Triathlon World Championship, and was undefeated in all thirteen of her races over the ironman distance. She is the only triathlete, male or female, to have won the World Championship less than a year after turning professional!

She now devotes her life to improving individual and population wellbeing as the Global Head of Health and Wellbeing for Parkrun, and is also a Sunday Times Best Selling author.  

In this conversation, Chrissie reveals her life experiences and stories of fuelling her full potential and living her best life. She also shares an abundance of practical tips for anybody looking to improve their nutrition habits and behaviours.

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  • Chrissie’s life journey so far.
  • How life has changed since transitioning from professional sport (physical, mental and practical challenges).
  • Chrissie’s identity, core values and beliefs (her 'why' and her purpose).
  • The physical, psychological and practical advantages of eating well.
  • Developing new healthy eating habits - set the bar low, not high!
  • The power of self-exploration, self-empowerment and curiosity when it comes to developing and sustaining healthy eating habits.
  • Healthy, positive nutritional behaviours and habits is all about…
  • How to reframe situations when your nutrition behaviours don’t align with your core values and identity.
  • The mindset and philosophies that have helped Chrissie overcome life’s various challenges.
  • The benefits of ‘mindful eating’ when trying to develop new healthy eating habits (+ practical tips).
  • Nutrition planning and adapting to new situations.
  • The social element to food (importance and benefits)
  • Chrissie’s non-negotiable nutrition habits and behaviours.
  • The power of ‘learning by doing’.
  • Creating a positive, healthy food environment and leading by example.

Photo credit: Rich Cruise.

  • Chrissie’s best advice for any young person who’s looking to unlock their full potential through the power of food. 

Dr Scott Robinson, PhD MSc SENr

Scott is the Founder and MD of The Edge. He is Registered Nutritionist and holds a PhD in Exercise Nutrition and Physiology from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Scott's mission with The Edge is to change lives and livelihoods by empowering people to activate ‘champion’ nutritional habits that last a lifetime.

He is passionate about making a valuable and lasting impact on individuals, families, and society in general, by reframing the way people use nutritional information to transform daily routines & mindsets for the better.

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