17th October 2022

High Performance Nutrition For Teens & Parents

By Dr Scott Robinson, PhD MSc SENr

In this bonus ‘So What, Now What’ episode, Scott and Dan discuss the importance and benefits of helping young people develop excellent and sustainable nutrition habits from an early age (“So What?”). 

They also provide practical tips for any young person (or parent of a young person) who wants to improve their nutrition for the benefit of their long-term health, energy and performance (“Now What?”).

Finally, they discuss their vision for the future, and how they hope their new initiative to support young people with their nutrition will instil positive and lasting change in any young person who dares to be great - no matter their starting point, goals or ambitions in life.

Lear more about our High Performance Nutrition Course, here: https://www.memberships.theedgehpl.com/flagship-course 

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Dr Scott Robinson, PhD MSc SENr

Scott is the Founder and MD of The Edge. He is Registered Nutritionist and holds a PhD in Exercise Nutrition and Physiology from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Scott's mission with The Edge is to change lives and livelihoods by empowering people to activate ‘champion’ nutritional habits that last a lifetime.

He is passionate about making a valuable and lasting impact on individuals, families, and society in general, by reframing the way people use nutritional information to transform daily routines & mindsets for the better.

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