1st September 2022

Ramla Ali Nutrition - Insights and lessons from a professional athlete, model, Olympian & history maker.

By Dr Scott Robinson, PhD MSc SENr

Ramla Ali is a Somali professional boxer and model. She is the first Somali boxer in history to compete at the Olympic Games and the first female to become a professional boxer. Ramla recently made history again by becoming the first female boxer to compete professionally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Represented by IMG Models, Ramla has appeared on the front cover of British Vogue, Grazia, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Guardian Observer, Wonderland, ELLE, The Square Mile, The Week, Beauty Papers and many more. She is also the face of many of the world’s best brands, including Nike, Dior and Cartier.

Ramla also devotes much of her life to charity work. She is an ambassador for UNICEF and in 2018 launched the Sisters Club; a charitable initiative created to provide safe spaces for Muslim women and minorities to learn and enjoy boxing in the U.K. 

In this conversation, Ramla reveals her life experiences and stories of fuelling her full potential while living her best life and doing good for others in the process. She also shares an abundance of practical tips for anybody looking to improve their nutrition habits and behaviours.

Listen On

  • Ramla’s life story and pursuing her passion.
  • Making history, striving for greatness and empowering the next generation.
  • How nutrition and healthy eating habits have transformed her life.
  • Becoming your best self through the power of food.
  • Ramla’s top tips to develop sustainable positive eating habits and maintaining a healthy relationship with food.
  • The benefits of starting young in your healthy eating journey.
  • Eating well on a budget and when limited for time.
  • The benefits and pitfalls of taking nutrition advice from social media.
  • Quick fire questions.

Photo credit: Elle.com /Meinke Klein.

Dr Scott Robinson, PhD MSc SENr

Scott is the Founder and MD of The Edge. He is Registered Nutritionist and holds a PhD in Exercise Nutrition and Physiology from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Scott's mission with The Edge is to change lives and livelihoods by empowering people to activate ‘champion’ nutritional habits that last a lifetime.

He is passionate about making a valuable and lasting impact on individuals, families, and society in general, by reframing the way people use nutritional information to transform daily routines & mindsets for the better.

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