15th September 2022

Sustaining Healthy Eating Habits - It Starts With This...

By Dr Scott Robinson, PhD MSc SENr

Bonus ‘So What, Now What’ episode. 

One thing is for certain… it’s incredibly difficult to form sustainable eating behaviours if they don’t align with what we value and the identity we want to create for ourselves (the person we wish to become). 

Getting clear on your values, and the behaviours that support them, is incredibly important when it comes to sustaining healthy eating habits over the long-term. It also helps you identify what it is you’re looking to achieve long-term and stops you focussing on short term goals that once reached often result in a reversal back to old behaviours and habits.  

In this ‘So What, Now What’ episode, Scott and Dan dig into this topic in detail; providing actionable advice that can be implemented by quite literally anybody who wants to take their nutrition to the next level.

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  • Identity and values in nutrition - why they are so incredibly important for long-term success.
  • Defining who you want to be (your identity and core values).
  • Identifying the nutrition behaviours that support your values.
  • Identifying the nutrition behaviours that don’t support your values.
  • Thinking about your environment and yourself.

Dr Scott Robinson, PhD MSc SENr

Scott is the Founder and MD of The Edge. He is Registered Nutritionist and holds a PhD in Exercise Nutrition and Physiology from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Scott's mission with The Edge is to change lives and livelihoods by empowering people to activate ‘champion’ nutritional habits that last a lifetime.

He is passionate about making a valuable and lasting impact on individuals, families, and society in general, by reframing the way people use nutritional information to transform daily routines & mindsets for the better.

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