The Edge HPL is the UK’s first state-of-the-art Human Performance Lab founded by a SENr Registered Doctor of Exercise Metabolism and Nutrition:
Dr Scott Robinson.

With innovation at its core, we offer an array of services including;  performance testing, wellness and metabolism checks, industry-leading nutrition programmes, blood biochemistry analysis and food intolerance testing.

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We support a variety of people:

From elite athletes right through to weekend warriors, business achievers, busy parents and anybody looking to optimise their overall health and performance. 

Advanced Physiological Testing

A range of state-of-the-art tests used to accurately assess your unique physiology and metabolism. These tests are critical in health, well-being and performance optimisation, as well as weight-management.

Personalised Nutrition Programmes

For health, performance and weight-management. These programmes utilise the latest human performance science, translated into simple plans to fit a busy lifestyle.

Blood Chemistry Analysis & Food Intolerance Testing

A range of blood chemistry profiles are available. These can be used to check status of vitamins, minerals and hormones that are important for health, well-being and performance. Food intolerances can also be assessed.

Wellness & Metabolism Checks (male & female specific)

We will assess your physiology, biochemistry and vitals to help prevent ill health and increase energy, vitality and productivity. We can also check the status of your metabolism and provide recommendations to optimise this.

1-1 Consultations

Our one-off consultations are designed to give you advice on any specific questions you have or a view on your current nutrition, training and/or lifestyle. They can also help you to understand more about the services we offer at SR Performance Services Limited, and how we can make a postiive difference to you.

We use gold-standard laboratory equipment and methods to accurately assess performance, metabolism, health, stress hormones and other bio-markers; ensuring all results are turned around in the shortest time possible. 

Advice, exercise and nutritional plans can then be translated into simple strategies to fit a busy lifestyle and provide structure and motivation to achieve your unique goals

Our exclusive space also features a ‘chill-out zone’ with plush sofas, interactive white board, plasma TV, Playstation, and coffee area.

Our Client’s are never rushed through the lab - we want you to enjoy your time with us, feel relaxed and for your visit to be a  truly remarkable one!

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