Our carefully selected team of experts support high achievers across the performance spectrum; both in-person and remotely. Whilst some of our clients reside in the UK, others can be found across Europe, the Middle-East and USA.

Whoever we support, and whatever their goals may be, we are passionate about making a significant, positive difference with lifelong impact.

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Multiple Formula 1 Drivers
50+ Premier League Footballers
Multiple Olympic Medalists
Multiple World Champion Fighters
Multiple Elite Endurance Athletes
Multiple Entrepreneurs, Business Executives & CEO’s
Parents, Teenagers & Small Family Teams.


With over 40 years combined experience across Academia and High Performance, our close-knit team includes a hybrid of Nutritionists, Physiologists and Creative Chefs.  We strive to achieve positive change with proven science and insight that works in the real world.

Meet Our Core Team

Dr Scott Robinson, 

Founder & Managing Director

When I founded The Edge HPL back in 2019 my vision was as clear then as it is now; to provide high quality, practical solutions that help others thrive in a world that is, unfortunately, plagued with mass- and mis-information. 

I wanted to create a business that stands out for the right reasons; not only because of its unique offerings but also, and mainly, because of its level of care, values and integrity.

People often ask me what we are aiming for as a business; a question I often struggle to fully answer. I think our ultimate success story is one where, one day (whenever that may be!) - we can look back as a team and be proud of the impact we have made, the lives we have influenced, and the experiences and relationships we have gained along the way.

Memberships & Affiliations


  • Ph.D Exercise Metabolism & Nutrition. University of Birmingham, UK.
  • M.Sc Sports Physiology (with Distinction), Liverpool John Moores University, UK.
  • B.Sc Sports Science (Physiology; First Class with Honours), Liverpool John Moores University, UK.


Title: Dietary intake is independently associated with the maximal capacity for fat oxidation during exercise.

Journal: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Title: Lipolytic Markers, Insulin and Resting Fat Oxidation are Associated with Maximal Fat Oxidation

Journal: International Journal of Sports Medicine.

Title: Maximal fat oxidation during exercise is positively associated with 24-hour fat oxidation and insulin sensitivity in young, healthy men

Journal: Journal of Applied Physiology

Title: Nutritional & lifestyle support to reduce infection incidence in an International-Standard Premier League football player

Journal: The British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences

Title: Nutrition Intervention for an International-Standard Female Football Player

Journal: Journal of Applied Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Science

Title: Exercise referral for drug users aged 40 and over: results of a pilot study in the UK

Journal: British Medical Journal 

Dr Daniel Owens,

Consultant Lead on Strategic Development, Research & Innovation

Drawing on my scientific background and experience as a sport science practitioner, I am responsible for leading research, innovation and the strategic development of our services at The Edge. I have worked as an academic for several years and published over 25 research articles in world-leading journals, several book chapters, and have presented at International conferences and sports organisations, and to private businesses. My research career has been balanced with significant applied practitioner experience; supporting elite athletes across a spectrum of sports.

A primary role of mine is to develop innovative strategies through integrating my own cutting-edge research and translating this into practical advice to fuel winning performances for all clients of The Edge.

In my personal time, I train to compete in triathlon, which is my main sporting interest. I like to use myself as a personal research project to trial novel nutrition and training interventions to optimise my health and performance. I’m passionate about following many other sports and enjoy observing how various organisations achieve the pinnacle of performance in their respective fields; a passion that I’m excited to bring to The Edge.

Membership and affiliations


  • Ph.D Exercise Metabolism & Nutrition. Liverpool John Moores University, UK.
  • B.Sc Sports Science (Physiology; First Class with Honours), Liverpool John Moores University, UK.


View a full list of publications, here.

Title: Exercise-induced muscle damage: What is it, what causes it and what are the nutritional solutions?

Journal: European journal of sports science

Title: Vitamin D and the Athlete: Current Perspectives and New Challenges

Journal: Sports Medicine 

Title: Efficacy of High-Dose Vitamin D Supplements for Elite Athletes

Journal: Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise 

Title: A systems-based investigation into vitamin D and skeletal muscle repair, regeneration, and hypertrophy

Journal: American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism

Title: Achieving energy balance with a high-fat meal does not enhance skeletal muscle adaptation and impairs glycemic response in a sleep-low training model

Journal: Experimental Physiology

Title: Graded reductions in pre-exercise glycogen concentration do not augment exercise-induced nuclear AMPK and PGC-1α protein content in human muscle

Journal: Experimental Physiology

Title: Carbohydrate intake during prolonged exercise does not affect subcellular lipid droplet morphology, AMPK and p53 signalling in human skeletal muscle

Journal: Journal of Physiology

Book Chapters

Title: Nutrition support to counteract muscle atrophy 

Book series: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology

Title: Nutrition for Rugby

Book series: Science of Sport: Rugby

Stella Miric,

Senior Nutritionist & Physiologist

It is my objective to lead and inspire our Team of diversely talented practitioners by setting the client experience standard - continually encouraging others to demonstrate high-level thinking and surpass expectation with all that we offer.

I am also responsible for the strategic development of our testing methods and championing our service provision both Nationally and Internationally. I enjoy liaising with Clients - better understanding them as people as well as performers, and developing considered, novel approaches to ensure we are continually moving forward and positively impacting our client’s lives.

I like to describe myself as an “improvement junky”. I enjoy meeting and learning from new people, as well as immersing myself within different cultures to sharpen both my intellectual and interpersonal skills. I am currently Joint President of the European Network of Dietetic Students, which represents a large number of such students across Europe. As a Joint President of this significant and international network, I enjoy connecting, empowering and inspiring students and young professionals. In addition, I am a proud Committee Member of the European Specialist Dietetic Network for Sports and Physical Activity where my aim is to promote the importance of sport nutrition, and protect the role of Sport Nutritionists, across Europe. 

Combining this personal background with my role at The Edge HPL means that I always take a big picture view and nurture high-level thinking that guides our Clients to their goals, and even push them beyond.

Memberships & Affiliations

  • Member of the UK Sport & Exercise Nutrition Register
  • Joint-President, The European Network of Dietetic Students
  • Committee Member, European Dietetic Specialist Network for Sports & Physical Activity.


  • M.Sc Sports Nutrition (with Distinction), Liverpool John Moores University, UK.
  • B.Sc Nutrition Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Tiffany Williams, 
BSc Pg.Dip SENr

Senior Nutritionist, Physiologist & Creative Chef

With a degree in Sport Science from Loughborough University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sport Nutrition from the world-renowned Institute of Performance Nutrition, I combine a food and physiology background with experience supporting multiple Olympic Medallists to inform and inspire clients about the power of food and what it can mean for them.

It’s my role to develop recipes that really stand out from the crowd, but are also practical and time-efficient in their preparation. Of course, flavour is everything (!) so I always ensure that the recipes we provide are jam packed with the best flavour and texture combinations, and are aligned with individual goals and requirements. Whilst I love up-skilling our client’s and bringing fun to the kitchen, I appreciate that cooking isn’t for everyone, so I also liaise with our extensive network of chef’s, and often the clients own, to assist in supporting our client’s needs in any way I can.

I’m a firm believer that to truly understand change and impact you have to be on its wavelength, so for me food (in particular, cooking) has become a way of life. As Picasso once said ‘inspiration exists, but it has to find a way of working’; so wherever I am and whoever I’m working with, from elite athlete to entrepreneur / CEO to busy parent who is cooking for a small family team, I’m continually looking to paint our picture of the way this knowledge of food should be packaged, implemented and, most importantly, enjoyed!

At work or play, my creative antenna is always finely tuned and I am constantly seeking out new inspiration in the world around me. My cultural influences include Asia, Europe and South America - fantastic sources of inspiration for beautiful recipe creation and client knowledge advancement.

Memberships & Affiliations


  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Sport Nutrition. The Institute of Performance Nutrition.
  • B.Sc Sport Science, Loughborough University, UK.

Molly Swain

Consultant Creative Chef

Originally from the US, I moved to England in 2014 to complete my BSc (Hons) Nutrition degree at Oxford Brookes University. Using my background as a Registered Associate Nutritionist I'm able to combine my knowledge of nutrition with my love for creating exciting new recipes and developing balanced meals to meet specific dietary needs.

Whilst travelling around the world, I have grown to love many different cuisines, but Japanese and Thai compete for the number one spot! When it comes to creating recipes, I focus on finding the best flavour and texture combinations, whilst keeping dishes as simple as possible. Layering different ingredients, adding crunchy seeds, or drizzle of homemade sauce all help to create a dish that both looks and tastes delicious— after all, “we eat with our eyes first”. Not only do I love creating nutritious cuisine, I love being able to work behind my camera lens, trying to capture that perfect shot.

Thomas J Stevens

Consultant Branding Specialist & Creative Director

I am proud to partner with The Edge and support their mission to becoming a leading global consultancy. With over 17 years experience in my field, I am responsible for championing the design of materials across multiple touch points of the business; ensuring it is cohesive, consistent and second-to-none visually. A parallel with the Team at The Edge, I am passionate about everything I do and the people I work with.

My mission is to give The Edge the confidence and clarity in how to position themselves differently and, most importantly, correctly so that they resonate with their clients both current and future.