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With over 23 World Championships across different sports, our Peak Performance Nutrition Programmes have received worldwide recognition for their impact.


About The Edge Method



Within elite sport, nutrition is more than fuel; it's a strategic asset. The Edge Method is meticulously designed to give athletes a long-term competitive advantage. 


Our approach integrates the latest in sport nutrition science with personalised coaching, transforming your dietary routines into a powerful tool for sustainable peak performance; helping you reach your performance goals smarter, faster, and stronger. 


Our service extends beyond generic nutrition plans - it features entirely personalised nutrition strategies and expert guidance that is continuously adapted to meet the evolving demands of your body and sport.


By aligning your nutrition with your unique goals and lifestyle, our proven methodology empowers you to lead rather than follow.

Client Feedback

"Incredibly passionate group of people who help with no ego. They have been a huge part of our team since we started working together three years ago. We couldn’t be happier with their work alongside us."

Team George Russell - Formula 1 Driver, Mercedes AMG Petronas Team

"Working with The Edge HPL across the past three years has truly changed my approach to how I fuel and take best care of my body. The support allowed me to tap into that elite level of health and performance nutrition that’s required on the world stage."

Ramla Ali, Professional Boxer, IMG Model, Author & Activist

"Four seasons working together and I can honestly say that their methods and systems are unlike any I have come across before. Simply put, they are the best at what they do and I will forever be grateful to have them by my side."

Aleksander Mitrovic, Professional Football Player

"The Edge are head and shoulders above. A different level. They made it easy to understand and implement key strategies to fuel my body, manage my body composition and take my performance to the next level. I wish I’d found these guys earlier in my career."

Tai Woffinden - 5 x World Champion Speedway Rider

"Their method is genius. I couldn’t have achieved what I have in boxing without their support."

Natasha Jonas - Professional Boxer, 2-Weight Unified World Champion, 2 x History Maker


Our support programmes are designed for those who are serious about elevating their performance and reaching new heights. 

Within elite sport, our team collaborates closely with each athlete and their support team to ensure they receive the best care possible. We take great pride in offering a discreet, premium service, hence we keep our caseload small and well-managed. 

For a comprehensive understanding of our tailored approach, please contact us directly.

*Please note that during periods of high demand, we implement a waiting list for new starters.