Pushing the boundaries of human health & performance, together.

Hintsa Performance

We are proud to work with Hintsa Performance, the world’s leading high-performance coaching company.

The Edge HPL is Hintsa’s partner of choice for high-quality physiological testing and nutrition support across their spectrum of elite level athletes.

The Limelight Collection

The Limelight Collection is a group of global-reach services that provide the ultimate experience in lifestyle management. Limelight’s services have looked after high-profile Sports and Entertainment people since 2005 and continue 

to bring support whether that be travel, social media, chauffeur services or general lifestyle needs.

NIVO - Esports & Interactive Entertainment Management

NIVO was founded in 2021 by a sports lawyer with a proven track record of representing the world's best athletes.

They are experienced professionals that represent the world's best players, coaches and brands, acting as trusted and strategic advisors to allow their clients to unlock their potential.

The Edge HPL have partnered with NIVO to establish their High Performance Division. Its purpose is to educate and up-skill their esports players on key fundamental health and performance principles - giving them the tools, knowledge and practical know-how to consistently perform at their best.

Ramla Ali Sisters Club

Founded by our long-term client, Ramla Ali, The Ramla Ali Sisters Club (RASC) is a not-for-profit initiative that provides free boxing classes for women; a safe space where Muslim sisters can train with or without their hijabs, without ever fearing discrimination.

With multiple locations across London and New York, and with the help of Nike, RASC has grown into a global community. The Edge HPL are immensely proud to support their mission of helping women, regardless of boxing experience, race or religion, improve their fitness levels, learn new skills and positively impact both physical and mental health.

Hamilton Aquatics

Hamilton Aquatics is known internationally as an established high-performance swimming academy that acts as a catalyst for global success; recognised for excellence both on and off the podium.

The Edge HPL are delighted to partner with Hamilton Aquatics; helping their young, talented swimmers unlock their full potential by developing their knowledge, skills and independence around health and performance nutrition.

1903 Members Club

The 1903 Club is located within The Leatherhead Club (Surrey) and is a new destination country club for all the family.

Our team at The Edge HPL are proud to work alongside their world class chefs to develop the best-in-class health and performance centred menus for their members enjoyment; bringing a new and exciting chapter as they upgrade their clubhouse and hospitality facilities.

If you’re interested in partnering with The Edge HPL, get in touch below.