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Six Pillars of Health & Performance Nutrition
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An easy to follow programme that is for anybody who wants to improve their nutrition for the benefit of their health, energy levels, day-to-day performance and much more.

Delivered by experts and backed up by credible science.

£349 for 1 Year Instant Access

Total Value: £1,585

Looking after your nutrition is one of the most effective ways to enhance your overall health and performance.

Whether you are a high flying athlete, work from home parent or busy executive, this programme is perfect for anybody who wants to improve their daily food habits and enhance their overall quality of life. 

By the end of this programme, you will be confidently applying the core principles of health and performance nutrition to optimise your physical and mental energy, best protect your overall health, and much more!

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  • Develop excellent nutrition habits that actually stick!
  • Improve your mental and physical energy
  • Improve your gut and immune health
  • Strengthen your health and wellbeing
  • Learn from highly qualified experts
  • 24 bite-sized coaching videos: 100% online, 12-months access
  • 40+ guides, templates and practice files + 180 delicious and nutritious recipes (yours to keep for life) 
  • Invest in your current and future self

Do you ever feel like…

You’re confused and overwhelmed about what to eat and drink on a daily basis to best protect your health, wellbeing and energy levels?

You struggle to get into a good nutrition routine that aligns with your unique lifestyle?

You waste time, energy and resources trying out new diets only to end up back at square one in a few months (or even weeks) time? 

You don’t know who is trustworthy, credible, and appropriately qualified to give evidence-based nutrition advice?

Healthy eating is often made bland, boring and unsustainable over the long-term?

Even when you know what’s best to eat, you struggle to find ways to sustain positive eating habits over the long-term?

You would be more confident if health and performance nutrition was simplified, easy to do and fitted within your busy lifestyle?

Can you imagine…

Having more mental and physical energy on a daily basis.

Developing excellent nutrition habits that are simple, easy to do and fit within your busy lifestyle.

Learning not just what's best to eat and drink, but HOW to actually sustain positive habits and behaviours over the long-term.

Learning from highly qualified experts who are trusted by many of the world’s best high performers.

Ditching diets for good and never looking back!

If any of this resonated with you, this Masterclass has exactly what you need...


Bite-sized coaching videos - study in your own time and at your own pace. 12 months access.


Templates, guides and resources - helping you personalise this programme to your unique goals and requirements. Fully downloadable & yours to keep for life.

Bonus library of guides and recipes

A £650 valued collection of pre-made guides and delicious, easy-to-make recipes. Fully downloadable & yours to keep for life.

See What's Included

Masterclass Curriculum

24 bite-sized coaching videos.

Pillar 1 - Mindset

After this Pillar, you will be able to…

  1. Understand the various ways in which nutrition can help you thrive.
  2. Adopt a fresh mindset that empowers you for long-term success.
  3. Align your short-and long-term goals with your core values and identity.
  4. Set personalised, identity-based goals to improve your current and future self.

+ much more!

1. Health & Performance Nutrition - Why Bother?

In our first coaching video, we explain the myriad of ways in which good nutrition can benefit your life as a whole. We show you how to take an effective mental approach so that you can harness the power of nutrition to support various areas of your life - both right now, and long into the future.

2. Adopting a Fresh Perspective

Positive and lasting change requires more than just knowledge (knowing what’s best to do). Here we help you adopt a new perspective to improve cognitions and emotions around healthy eating.

3. Your Core Values & Identity

Many of us struggle to adopt and sustain new behaviours because they don’t align with ‘who we are’. This coaching video explores the importance and benefits of shaping positive change around your unique ‘identity’. We help you articulate your identity and core values, and explore whether your current behaviours align with them.

4. Personalised Goal Setting

Many of use have been trained to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound). However, when setting personal nutrition goals, the key for long-term success is to centre these around the person we wish to become. This coaching videos shows exactly how you can set your very own identity based goals to improve both your current and future self.

Pillar 2 - Fundamentals

After this Pillar, you will be able to…

  1. Understand the key differences between physical and mental energy.
  2. Use the power of food to optimise your physical and mental energy.
  3. Periodise your nutrition relative to the dynamic demands of your day-to-day life.
  4. Implement simple and easy techniques to keep on top of your daily hydration.
  5. Understand how best to simplify your healthy eating journey right now, and for many years into the future.

+ much more!

1. Optimising Physical & Mental Energy

The foods you choose to eat on a daily basis can have a profound impact on both your physical and mental energy (food can either work for you or against you).

In this coaching video, we help you understand the main differences between physical and mental energy, and how you can use the power of food to enhance both.

2. The Three T’s of Health & Performance Nutrition (Type, Total & Timing)

Building upon our previous coaching video, here we help you ‘fine tune’ your daily nutrition habits to meet your own specific requirements.

We teach you how to ‘periodise’ your nutrition relative to the (often changing) demands of your day-to-day life.

3. Optimising Hydration

Hydration is crucial for optimising physical and metal performance, as well as for protecting your overall health and wellbeing.

In this coaching video, we highlight the importance of keeping your body well hydrated. We also demonstrate how you can easily monitor your hydration status, and provide plenty of simple yet effective practical tips to keep on top of your hydration throughout the day, including which are the best drinks to choose and which drinks are best to limit where possible.

4. Nutrition Myths Debunked

We live in a world of mass and misinformation, especially when it comes to nutrition. Knowing what’s best to do can be confusing, overwhelming and disheartening, and eating well is often made more difficult than need be.

In this coaching video, we dispel some popular myths, and provide evidence-based facts to help simplify your healthy eating journey moving forward.

Pillar 3 - Wellbeing

After this Pillar, you will be able to…

  1. Understand how gut health, immune health and sleep can benefit both your current and future self.
  2. Implement simple yet effective nutritional strategies to strengthen your gut and immune health.
  3. Implement simple yet effective nutrition and lifestyle strategies to optimise your sleep routine and overall sleep quality.
  4. Understand and implement the basic principles of weight management.
  5. Save time, money and resources when making decisions on your weight management approach moving forward.

+ much more!

1. Nutrition for Gut Health

Gut health isn’t just about good digestion - it impacts the health of your entire body. Not only is it hugely important for your physical and mental health, it can also influence your overall brain function, as well as your daily and exercise energy levels.

This coaching video offers our top nutrition tips to best support your gut health. They are simple but highly effective, and what’s best, they can be implemented by anyone, easily.

2. Nutrition for Immune Health

A healthy immune system is key to living a happy and fulfilled life.

A healthy diet can strengthen your immune system, while a poor diet can lead to immune dysfunction. This coaching video provides clarity on which foods are best for the immune system, and how you can implement these (easily) on a regular basis. 

3. Nutrition for Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and wellbeing throughout your life. It can also significantly impact your daily mood, energy and performance. Despite this, many of us still struggle to get the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep each night.

Here we provide you with our top nutrition and lifestyle tips to optimise your sleep routine and overall sleep quality. 

4. Weight Care

Regardless of your current body size, shape or goals, this coaching video helps you
understand the basic principles of weight management. There will be no mention of any ‘fad diets’ here - just simple and easy to understand advice that can save you time, energy and resources when making decisions on your weight management approach moving forward.

Pillar 4 - Breaking Barriers

After this Pillar, you will be able to…

  1. Adopt and sustain positive eating habits when time is limited.
  2. Make smarter food choices when eating out or ordering in.
  3. Make smarter food choices while travelling or ‘on the go’.
  4. Understand the links between nutrition and physical activity.
  5. Manage your nutrition and physical activity around a busy schedule.

1. How to Eat Well When Time is Limited

When it comes to eating for health and performance, time - or perhaps more accurately, a lack of time - is a key barrier for many.

This coaching video provides our top tips on how you can continue to eat well even when you are limited for time.

2. How to Eat Out & Stay on Track

Food is so much more than just fuel for the body. The social element to food is incredibly important, and we encourage everybody to enjoy eating out from time to time.

When eating out, people often struggle to know which foods are best to choose and which to watch out for. This coaching video provides our top tips to help you make smart choices while eating out or ordering in. 

3. How to Eat Well While Travelling

Travel is often another barrier to eating well, but it really doesn’t need to be. Regardless of where you are or where you’re travelling to, the advice provided in this coaching video will help you make smarter food choices while ‘on-the-go’, wherever you may be!

4. Managing Nutrition & Physical Activity Around a Busy Lifestyle

A busy lifestyle can be a key limiter to eating well and exercising regularly. Here we provide surprisingly effective ways to weave nutrition and physical activity 'wins' into your day-to-day life - even on your busiest days!

Pillar 5 - Positive Behaviour Change

After this Pillar, you will be able to…

  1. Understand the basis of positive behaviour change and habit formation.
  2. Use the fundamentals of positive behaviour change and habit formation to your advantage.
  3. Learn how to navigate your way through the ups and downs of motivation.
  4. Understand what limits your ability to do a behaviour.
  5. Use triggers (cues) to help you develop new, positive habits.

+ much more!

1. Understanding Your Behaviours & Habits

Many factors can influence your daily food choices i.e. your habits and behaviours. These can either work for you or against you. By understanding the basics of behaviour and habit formation, you will be better equipped to design your own change in a way that works for you over the long-term.

2. Motivation

Motivation is dynamic - it rises and falls, and is difficult to influence. In this coaching video, we explore the impact that motivation can have on developing new, positive habits. We teach you how to manage your motivation and continue to move in a positive direction - even when motivation is low.

3. Ability

It can be disheartening when we find ourselves unable to stick to a new routine or set of habits because we lack the ability to do so. We often blame ourselves and don’t know why we are struggling.

However, we can take a reverse approach to this problem by first figuring out what may limit our ability to do the behaviours that we set for ourselves. This coaching video equips you with an approach to identify what limits you doing your target behaviours and ways you can overcome your limitations.

4. Triggers

Triggers, prompts and cues are all powerful reminders to do a behaviour. Our brain is hard wired to respond to them. In this coaching video, we demonstrate how you can use triggers, prompts and cues to your advantage.

Pillar 6 - Long-Term Success

After this Pillar, you will be able to…

  1. Learn how to design your own positive change.
  2. Make smart choices about when is best to make new changes.
  3. Understand some psychological skills that will help you stay on track over the long-term.
  4. Build a mental 'toolkit' that helps you cope with setbacks and keeps you moving forward on your health and performance journey.

+ much more!

1. How to Gain Clarity & Direction

In this coaching video, we help you identify what it is that you want to change. We use a systematic way to turn down the noise and dial in on what you really want to achieve.

2. Tackling Procrastination & Making a Strong Start

Sometimes it can be hard to know when is best to start building a new habit or routine and procrastination may get in the way. This coaching video helps you get the ball rolling with your journey towards your goals (you can recycle these methods for future change too!).

3. How to Make Positive Change Last

Staying on track can be difficult, especially over the long-term. However, some surprisingly smart and easy to implement methods can really help. This coaching video offers our top tips to hack your psychology and help you stay on track across both the short- and long-term.

4. How to Manage Setbacks

Despite our best efforts, we all fall off track from time to time. In our final coaching video, we provide some useful tools to help you manage setbacks and keep you on the straight and narrow over the long-term. This approach will also help reframe your way of thinking about setbacks, so that when they do happen, you can use them to your advantage moving forward.

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Trusted by many of the world’s best high performers, as well as leading companies and organisations such as Mercedes AMG HPP Formula 1 Team, we help our clients develop positive and sustainable nutrition habits to optimise their long-term health, wellbeing and performance; no matter their starting point or goals.

We specialise in supporting elite athletes and high performing executives, as well as parents, adolescents and small family teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this Masterclass for and is it personalised to me?

We have specifically designed the Masterclass so that it offers value to anybody - regardless of their current knowledge base, starting point, goals and occupation. The tasks, templates and worksheets have been carefully developed to ensure that you are able to personalise your own learning journey as you progress through the pillars.

2. How long will this Masterclass take me?

This Masterclass is designed to be one pillar per week over six weeks; equivalent to ~1 hour of learning each week. However, if you are the “Netflix binge-watching” type - feel free to go forth and conquer! Each pillar contains four bite-sized videos that are around 15 mins each - making it easy to learn even when you’re stuck for time.

3. Do I have to start the Masterclass at a certain date or time?

No! You can start the Masterclass and progress you way through it however best suits you. You will have 12-months access from the date of enrolment. 

4. How long will I have access to the Masterclass and its materials?

Upon signing up, you will have 12-months access to all content. This gives plenty of time to pick through the pillars, and usually leaves a good deal of time to go back and revisit some favourites. Many of the resources, guides and templates provided are fully downloadable, meaning they are yours to keep for life!

5. I am evaluating this for our team. Who can I speak with to learn more?

Please email us directly at to learn more about bulk discounts.