Pre Test Form


Testing Repertoire

SR Performance Services Limited (‘SRP’) and trading as  'The Edge HPL®' can provide the tests set out below, at its Private Clinic (collectively referred to as ‘Testing’).

For further information on each test, please refer to our Testing Brochure or speak with a member of the SRP Team.

  1. Advanced Sweat Testing: Measures the amount of sodium you lose in your sweat to enable a bespoke hydration strategy to be created.
  2. Resting Metabolic Rate and Fuel Efficiency: Measures the speed of your metabolism (the number of calories your body burns at complete rest) and the contribution of carbohydrate and fat as fuels to resting energy expenditure.
  3. Exercise Testing: Measures your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, and provides personalised heart-rate training zones.
  4. Assessment of Body Composition: Accurately quantifies body composition i.e., fat mass, muscle mass, circumferences and girths. Professional grade ultrasound technology is used to quickly, easily and precisely make an assessment.
  5. Blood Sampling and Analysis: Involves the collection of a small amount of blood (5-25 ml) that is later analysed for one or more vitamins, minerals, proteins and/or hormones. 


Within this document is a pre-test protocol that we encourage you follow to ensure accuracy of test data. You will also find a pre-test questionnaire form to fill in. Please do so and bring this along with you to your assessment, or email to us in advance of your assessment.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions in the PARQ Section you will be asked to confirm permission from your doctor before you take part in the exercise element of testing.

Catering facilities are limited, and although you can get some drinks and snacks at our clinic, we advise bringing some food (or sports drinks / gels / shakes ) to consume between your assessment(s), particularly if you are visiting us for a long test and/or have fasted beforehand.

Pre-Test Protocol for SR Performance Services Limited Physiological Assessment

The training and nutritional regimens two days prior to the testing session can have an impact on your assessment results. The following guidelines should be followed prior to each testing session. This will help ensure accuracy both in test administration and data interpretation.

Training / Physical Exertion

Please arrive at the lab in a rested state having had at least 24 hours of relative rest / very light training prior to the assessment. This is critical since residual fatigue and/or carbohydrate depletion can adversely affect test results.


Try to maintain normal, adequate sleep patterns (ideally 7-9 hours) in the build-up to Testing. This helps you to achieve your best possible results and aids in standardising pre-test conditions.


If you are taking part in an exercise test and are not performing a test that requires you to be fasted, keep your pre-test meal light and preferably at least 2 hours prior to the assessment start time.


Hydration levels can affect your test results. Dehydration can also cause false high ventilatory threshold readings, which can consequently undermine accuracy of calculated training zones. Therefore, please ensure you are well hydrated before arriving.

Clothing & Measurements

Please wear clean, comfortable clothing appropriate to your test activities (e.g. shorts, t-shirt, clean running / training shoes). If you are performing a cycling test you may bring along your own cycling shoes and pedals to fit to the ergometer. You may also bring along the measurements of your bike (seat height measured from the centre of the pedal axel when in the lowest vertical position to the top of the saddle, reach measured from the nose of the saddle to the centre of the handlebars where they are clamped to the stem). This will help us set the bike up comfortably for you.

Directions to SRN's Private Clinic:

The Edge HPL
The Leatherhead Club
Kingston Road
KT22 0EE

Your Details

Parent / Guardians details

If applicable / if under the age of 18.

Emergency Contact

Please provide contact information for a person who we can contact in the event of an emergency.





Have you ever suffered, or are you currently suffering from, any of the following?


Have you ever injured (e.g. sprain/fracture/dislocation) or had surgery on any of the following?



Other information

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ)

Please answer the below questions by ticking the appropriate box and answering truthfully and honestly.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you cannot undertake exercise testing without first confirming permission from your Doctor.

Participation Consent

I consent to participating in Testing.

I have read, understood and agree to SR Performance Services Limited’s Terms and Conditions of Business and have had the nature of the Testing explained to me and understand what I am required to do.

I understand that I may be undertaking physical activity at or near to the extent of my personal capacity and that there is a significant risk of episodes of: transient light headedness, fainting, abnormal blood pressure, chest discomfort, nausea and / or fatigue. I understand and agree to fully assume any and all risk associated with the Testing.

I have told SRP about any physical defect or illness I have that may or may not contribute to that level of risk. I agree to release and hold harmless SRP, its agents and employees, from any liability, injury or illness that I may suffer while undertaking Testing or that subsequently may occur at any point in the future.

I hereby agree that I present myself for Testing in a suitable condition having observed any conditions of diet and activity prescribed by SRP.

I agree to SRP collecting and processing special category data about me which I provide to SRP or a third party in the course of SRP providing the Services. This may include blood tests and any other information concerning my health. For further information please refer to our Privacy Notice, and if you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Team.