Entirely personalised nutrition & testing support.

Our highly qualified team of specialists have helped hundreds of people optimise their health, performance, sleep, and weight management.


We specialise in supporting:

Our approach:

We help our clients develop positive and sustainable nutrition habits to optimise their long-term health, wellbeing & energy; no matter their starting point, goals or ambitions in life.

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A truly unique hybrid of services:

Our two core services are applicable to anybody who wishes to take their health, energy and performance to the next level:

Personalised Nutrition & Advanced Physiological Testing.

Personalised Nutrition Programmes

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Dedicated, bespoke support from our team of highly qualified experts. Ideal for those seeking positive habit change for improved health, energy and day-to-day performance. We also offer packages for weight management and family support.

Whether you’re looking for just a one-off consultation or more intricate support, we have you covered. 

FAQ: Must I visit you in-person to start a Programme?

No. We offer fully remote support too. Whilst we would love to put a face to a name by meeting you in-person, we realise this isn’t alway possible. Our Support Programmes have reached those around the world, and with the modern wonders of technology, we can easily support you just as well from afar.

Each Support Programme is based on four core foundations:


You as a person, your unique goals, your challenges and your requirements.


Finding what works for you.

Lasting Success

Enhancing the way you live.


Care, respect, trust.

Tailored programmes to help you achieve your goals.

We also love developing new recipes that suit our clients preferences and busy lifetyles! 

Here’s a selection of dishes that we've developed for our wonderful clients.


Advanced Physiological Testing

We use gold-standard methods and techniques to gain valuable insights into human health and performance.

We offer five core tests that enable you to better understand your unique physiology and metabolism; helping you eat and train smarter, and reach your goals stronger.

FAQ: Do I need to visit you for testing?

No. For convenience, we can come to you if preferred.

FAQ: Is testing essential? And do I need to perform all five tests?

No. Whilst we do encourage some form of testing to enable us to learn more about your unique make-up, this is not essential to the success of our Nutrition Support Programmes.

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Metabolic Rate & Efficiency

This is a gold-standard assessment of your metabolism. £125+VAT.

Test outcomes: 

1. Understand how many calories your body burns at rest (the speed of your metabolism).

*This greatly informs calorie and fuelling targets throughout the day, as well as during and around exercise.

2. Understand how efficient your body is at burning fat as fuel at rest (the efficiency of your metabolism). 

*This is useful for performance, weight management and long-term health.

3. The overall health of your metabolism. 

Read our latest article on metabolism, here.

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Blood Tests

We use gold-standard techniques to analyse over 300 key vitamins, minerals, hormones and proteins essential for optimal health and performance.

We can also assess thyroid function, blood glucose and gut health.

£175 / £225 +VAT.

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Body Composition Analysis

Cutting-edge, professional-grade ultrasound technology is used to quickly and precisely make an assessment. £95+VAT.

Test outcomes: 

1. Body fat percentage.

2. Total body fat (kg)

3. Total lean / muscle mass (kg)

4. Circumferences 

5. Waist : hip (ratio)

6. Reference scores relative to your age, sex and sport (where applicable).

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Sweat Analysis

Analyses the components of your sweat to enable the creation of a personalised hydration strategy for use throughout the day, as well as in and around exercise. £140+VAT.

Each person is different and one test is enough, which makes this an incredibly useful test. No need to bust a gut on the treadmill; this test involves no exercise.

Test outcomes: 

1. Your unique sweat sodium concentration.

2. Personalised hydration strategy.

3. Improved concentration and reaction times.

4. Reduced risk of cramping.

5. Reduced risk of dehydration (throughout the day and during exercise).

6. Improved endurance capacity.

Read our latest article on sweat testing, here.

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Cardiovascular Health & Fitness

This is a gold-standard measurement of your cardiorespiratory health and fitness. £145+VAT.

Test outcomes: 

1. Your cardiorespiratory fitness (your VO2max).

2. Your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds.

3. Indiviual specific heart-rate training zones (helping you train smarter).

4. Reference scores relative to your age, sex and sport (where applicable).

5. This test can be performed on a bike or treadmill depending upon your preference. 

Read our latest article on Fitness Testing, here.

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